Welcome to Lanham Grace Church. Lanham Grace is a Bible teaching church that seeks to grow disciples of Jesus Christ and reach those who do not yet know Christ. We meet regularly for worship, to enjoy one another's company, to be fed from God's Word, and to share in the outreach and spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Lanham Grace is also an elder-led church where every believer in the church is encouraged to find and use their spiritual gift for the edification of the body of Christ. As an elder-led church, the elders work as a team, but each elder is also able to use the gifts that God has given to them.

Sunday morning messages are exegetical messages that interpret the Bible in its historical grammatical context and then apply the message once the interpretation has been explained. If you would like to know more about what a real Bible teaching church is like, check out the Sermons page on this website. You will also find that our adult Sunday school classes are divided into two classes each geared toward specific groups. Our introductory and intermediate level class is led by Gene Pinkard and studies the Bible a book at a time. Our advanced adult class is led by Carleton Hafer and spends more time examining books of the Bible a verse at a time and frequently going to the original language to determine the meaning.

We invite you to come to Grace to share our journey of celebration, worship, Biblical exploration, prayer, giving, learning, and living the Word of God.